Cost Plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price

Cost Plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price/Construction Management
Evergreen contracts directly with subcontractors and has the responsibility of construction within a specific timeline and guaranteed maximum price. Before the projects begin, we work with the architect to provide owner budgeting during design, keeping the design within the established project cost. This approach takes control of cost and schedule early on in the project. In the design phase, we serve as the owner’s expert on costs, schedule and impact of alternative designs and systems and materials.

Why use us for Construction Management?

You will get accuracy of construction costs upfront before a heavy investment of time is made on your part. If a project is not feasible, we will tell you. You will get professional guidance with financing, design, permitting, construction, furnishing, equipping and move in. All competitive subcontractors bids and invoiced construction costs are always disclosed to you. Our fee is fixed; we are incentivized to eliminate delays, cost overruns and changes. You will invest less time and fewer resources into getting the project completed.