We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe workplace free of unnecessary hazards. Our complete commitment to zero injuries or incidents is paramount to Evergreen’s safety culture. Our jobsite safety is approached with a serious attitude, meeting or exceeding OSHA regulations and using common sense.



“We will be held accountable for how people are treated.”

This philosophy drives our commitment to safety. We enforce safety policy with our employees and subcontractors equally and expect fall protection, electrical safety, eye protection, high visibility clothing and the proper use of equipment to be carried out by everyone on the jobsite.

Planning safety into every project through the following steps:

Project Hazard Analysis

Prior to work beginning, the safety director reviews the contract documents with the project team to identify potentially hazardous tasks, conditions, materials, or special training required to perform the task.


Subcontractor Pre-Task Planning
This is specific task analysis by the superintendent and safety director. Each task is reviewed for hazards anticipated with the task, equipment needed to perform the job safely, and personal protective equipment to be worn.

Safety Orientation and Training
All new employees are required to go through our safety orientation program prior to starting work, and all employees are given more specific training for complex or technical jobs.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program
Our drug and alcohol abuse program includes pre-employment screening, random testing, and post accident testing. We also give extra consideration to subcontractors who have a similar policy in effect.