Quality Control

Evergreen’s Quality Control Program starts with the preconstruction/bidding stage of the project and continues throughout the entire construction and closeout process.






During pre-construction, Evergreen will work closely with the owner, the architect and it’s consultants to identify and avoid potential problems that may arise as a result of proposed design methods or features. We execute our comprehensive QC plan through the following:

Constructability Reviews






A constructability review investigating the details of the various building systems can help to prevent major delays, quality problems and cost increases. The objective of the review is to find problem areas in the documents, incorrect materials, incomplete scope, and/or faulty design that we may have previously encountered.

Subcontractor Selection

With some of our work being performed by vendors and subcontractors, purchasing and estimating has a major role in pre-planning and quality assurance. Hiring the right subcontractor for the project is a must.

Pre-Installation Meetings

We conduct pre-installation meetings for all trades during the course of a project. These meetings are held prior to the start of physical work in the field.The owner and architect are also invited to these meetings. The agenda is based on the scope of work, contractual relationships, communications, a discussion of the appropriate plans, specifications, contract requirements, special site rules, testing and inspection, and other pertinent matters. Emphasis must be placed on the importance of doing the job right the first time to avoid costly and time consuming re-work.


Submittal Review

The project manager will review all shop drawings and submittals required by the contract documents prior to submitting them to the owner and architect. This review will not only take into account contractual obligations, but also contiguous work with which it must be coordinated. Shop drawings and/or material submittals not substantially complying with contract requirements will be returned to the subcontractor for correction prior to formal submittal to the design team.

Daily Supervision of the Work

Evergreen’s field staff will review the quality of the project on a daily basis. They will be become familiar with not only the contract drawings, but also the submittals and shop drawings of a particular trade or group of trades prior to work beginning in a given area. Field reports will be made daily of progress and focus on quality control issues, inspections, corrections, incomplete items lists, and the like.

Subcontractor Involvement

Upon contract award, and prior to any submittals or work in the field, we involve the subcontractors in the quality requirements of the project so that they understand we want quality assured from the start of the project—not just quality controlled at the end by correcting a punch list.


Define, in coordination with the specifications, the required mock-up schedule for the project with all mock-ups identified and dates for completion and acceptance. The mock-ups, when completed, will establish the level of quality the remaining work will be judged against. Throughout the life of the project, Evergreen is constantly reviewing the constructability of the building. As the need arises, a mock-up will be done to help with constructability, fit, appearance, and quality of certain large and small items within the project. Each mock-up will be done prior to the work and reviewed by the project team for approval.

Testing and Inspections

Evergreen and the appropriate subcontractors will coordinate and implement the inspection requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction as required by the local building codes. Inspections and sign-offs will be obtained from the mechanical, electrical, and building inspectors, as well as the fire department where applicable. The owner will employ an independent testing laboratory to perform the necessary testing and inspections required by laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, or approvals of the public authorities. The scope of the testing and inspection requirements is clearly defined in the typical specifications for testing and inspection services.

Storage of Materials

Each subcontractor is responsible for assuring that proper handling, storage, shipping and preservation precautions are adhered to for those items requiring special care and protection. Ultimate responsibility for material handling, storage and preservation lies with the responsible trade subcontractor.

Protection of Finish Work

One of the best ways to maintain the quality in the final product is to protect it from damage after it is completed. Each subcontractor is responsible to protect their own work. Not only will we instill in the trades the desire for a quality project, but we promote respecting the work of others.